Letter from Kevin #1

Channel updates, YouTube memberships, and more!

Hey folks, Kevin here!

So, we’re making some changes to our newsletter.

Instead of doing our weekly news roundup during this bear market, I’ll be sending out the occasional “Letter from Kevin” email, with updates on our channel and what not.

It’ll also be a great way to get 1-on-1 feedback from you. So if you have any thoughts, questions, or ideas, feel free to reply to this email and I’ll be sure to read it!

New YouTube series - Time to Buy?

We’re about to start a new YouTube series on our channel called “Time to Buy?” In every video of that series, we’ll explore a unique investment thesis about a particular project, share BOTH side (Pros & Cons), and then share our final verdict. The idea is to provide fair analysis on a truly interesting investment thesis, so you can decide for yourself if you want to invest/buy after watching it.

For our first video we will be covering Ripple. Our title will be like: Time to Buy $XRP? Ripple just beat the SEC after all…

After Ripple though, I’m not sure what to cover next… maybe Cardano? Maybe Algorand? Maybe Chainlink? Let me know what you want!

The only thing is that every video has to be centered around an interesting thesis, so for example, the thesis for Chainlink can be like “CCIP just launched and SWIFT did a pilot program with Chainlink, and hence we gotta ask, is it time to buy LINK?”

Anyways, yea, would love to hear your thoughts on this series.

Upcoming YouTube memberships (2 tiers?)

We’re going to start offering YouTube memberships for those who want additional private content and analysis.

Originally I was thinking about sticking with 1 tier, at $25/month. And offering:

  1. 1-2 videos per WEEK, analyzing the latest projects you want me to

  2. 1-2 videos per month sharing tips and strategy for tokenomics analysis and fundamentals analysis

  3. 1-2 videos per month sharing broader thoughts on the market and overall market analysis

  4. 1 livestream per month answering any questions you may have live.

That is super value packed and I feel like it’s worth way more than $25/month.

BUT some of y'all said that was too pricey, so I was thinking perhaps I should offer a second $10/month tier? But for that it would only include the weekly video analyzing the latest/hottest projects, and all the other videos/livestream would not be included. But I feel like that is what most of y’all would be subscribing for anyways, so let me know what you think.

Also, I really like the idea of these private members-only videos, because a lot of y’all ask me for my thoughts on various projects, but it just doesn’t make sense to make a well-produced 10 minute long video about every random project out there. So these quicker members-only videos would be a great solution to that.

New interview series (Pitch your Project!)

Heads up, on our Coinsider Conversations channel, we started a new interview series called “Pitch Your Project”.

In it, we will invite builders/founders to “pitch” their project, kinda like if they were on Shark Tank, and I’ll ask them questions so you can decide if you want to use, try out, or buy whatever they are pitching.

These projects could be exchanges, wallets, tokens, NFT collections, whatever really, as long as they have a retail facing component.

If you know of any great founders/projects that would be interested in coming on, please respond to this email and lemme know!

Here’s the 1st episode by the way where I interview the founder of Energi.

My thoughts on the markets (I’m Bearish)

Just for fun, I wanted to share that I’m feeling more bearish these days than usual. It seems like time-based capitulation is in full effect.

Just look at this poll result from our YouTube community… I’m not the only one feeling bearish!

Here’s the thing though… if we’re to be contrarian, that means now would be the time to buy, when the crowd is bearish. Just food for thought anyhow.

Well that’s it folks! This was a longer 1st letter than normal, but future ones will be shorter.