Announcing our (potential) course

Welcome to Tokenomics and Fundamental Analysis

Hey folks, Kevin here.

Just wanted to share with you that we’re thinking about launching a course covering Tokenomics and Fundamental Analysis.

Full disclosure, the entry price will be around $1k for our first cohort. But I’m not here to sell you. I’m instead sharing some details with you and gathering info from those who may be interested.

The details: Like the name implies, this course will teach you how to do Fundamental Analysis for crypto from top to bottom.

  • It will include things like Advanced Tokenomics, Crafting a Thesis, Analyzing Narratives, and more. We’ll also share our very own Coinsider Method/Rating System.

  • This course will likely be 8 weeks long (with 8 total lessons), and it will be cohort-based, so there will be live Q&A for each group of about 20–30 people.

In addition to the course material, you’ll get lifetime access to a course-only Discord where we use what we learn to find and share quality opportunities with one another.

So: If you are interested and see the value in such a course, please fill out this form here.

Otherwise, no biggie—I understand that it’s not for everyone. I’m just exploring this idea and want your input to potentially bring it to life.